Making The Outdoors Accessible For Over 30 Years

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The Vision and Mission of Capable Partners is to create a well known and respected Twin Cities based non-profit organization

of sport persons whose mission is to volunteer their time and talents to provide hunting, fishing, and related opportunities for the physically challenged.

Our Goals

Outreach to and assist new/existing members to participate and realize their potential.

Educate and promote disabled issues.

Create accessible outdoor opportunities with more participants, locations, and events.

Develop our membership through experience and teaching to obtain skills and independence to organize.

These individuals will become future event and outing leaders in the organization.


Friendship and Fraternity.

Family participation and support.

Independence through doing.

Education and awareness.

Sense of accomplishment.

Building self esteem.


The dream of Capable Partners took shape in 1983 when Jim Hale developed the concept and mission for this unique organization. 

The following is a letter, in Jimís words,  describing how this vision took shape and came to be.......


For over 30 years, Capable Partners has been helping people enjoy the
outdoors in Minnesota. Physically challenged hunting and physically
challenged fishing involves obstacles which we help remove to encourage
disabled sportspersons to participate and realize their potential. As
disabled anglers and disabled hunters, we advocate for disabled issues with
the legislature, Minnesota DNR and US Fish and Wildlife. By working closely
with these agencies, we have a variety of hunts where we are the only people
who hunt these locations.  The MN DNR and other organizations give us special
access to help us be successful hunting.

Accessible hunting and accessible fishing along with other accessible
outdoor activities are our focus. If we can get physically challenged
sportspersons outdoors enjoying nature we are accomplishing one of our

We lead accessible trips for handicapped hunting and handicapped fishing to
enable outdoor adventures with accessible wildlife opportunities. For deer
hunts we use wheelchair accessible hunting blinds and accessible stands.
These affordable adaptive outdoors activities in Minnesota encourage
independence through doing. Recreational therapy is accomplished through
wheelchair sports such as disabled archery and trap shooting. We offer
events twelve months of the year which is the most of any organization in
the US. In August, we host a disabled ATV ride near Lake Mille Lacs.

Many of our outings have no cost and include a lunch making our events
affordable to low-income individuals. We do adaptive turkey hunting,
adaptive fishing, adaptive waterfowl hunting and adaptive upland bird
hunting. In order for many hunters to participate, adaptive hunting
equipment such as gun rests, bite triggers, and counter-weighted shotgun
booms are used. Adaptive fishing equipment allows members to fish as
effectively as they did before injury.

In 2015, almost half of our members were able-bodied, "capable partners".
These members participate in outings as volunteers, anglers, and hunters.
Capable partners are key to our program and have expressed how fulfilling it
can be to assist in Capable Partners' outings. Please get involved.