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We work closely with the Department of Natural Resources so that we may stay apprised of changes in laws & legislation that is pertinent to individuals who are physically challenged and

wish to take advantage of our Natural Resources.  As of late new terminology and laws have arisen regarding Other Power Motor Vehicle Devices or OPMVD.  Additional information and

those to contact for clarification can be found within the following document.   or some of our hunts individuals are required to prove Disability Status.  One way in which you may be asked

                                                                               to do this is by obtaining a shoot from vehicle permit. That along with other permits that might be beneficial and/or required can be found below.

Additional Permits & licenses for people with disabilities

Note: Special permit and license applications on this page are in PDF format. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download them. If you are unable to download the

                                                                                                 applications, please contact the DNR  Information Center at (651) 296-6157 or (888) MINNDNR to have an application sent to you.


Authorization for residents of state institutions to fish in Minnesota

Exemptions and fishing licenses issued without a fee

Permanent Angling License Application 


Application and Special Permit to use a Muzzle loader with a Non-Magnifying Scope 

Application for Disability Permit to Hunt from a Standing Motor Vehicle 

Application and Disability Permit to Take Big Game, Small Game, and/or Rough Fish with a Crossbow 

State Parks

State Park Discounts - reduced price state park permits and camping rates





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Adaptive Equipment


                                                                   Ameristep: Wheelchair accessible ground blinds.

                                                                   BE Adaptive Equipment: Various equipment for all ranges of physical limitations

                                                                   BowKaddy: The most versatile bow rack on the market today.  Fits all makes and models of bows - basic compound, recurve, traditional long or new long riser bows.  The patented swing arms

                                                                    translate and rotate to exactly match the limb geometry of your bow.

                                                                   Compound Bow Rest and Holder: Takes the weight of bow and archer's arm and steadies the bow while aiming and firing. The ideal draw lock companion. Converted Crossbow: Adapted for

                                                                    persons with physical disabilities.  An option for someone without upper body function.

                                                                   Dark Woods Blind: Double FF Handicapped Mobile Hunting

                                                                   Draw-Loc: The Draw-Loc is a self retaining draw locking mechanism for compound bows. This product is designed to allow one to draw their bow back and lock it in the fully drawn, ready to

                                                                    shoot position. Also sold as a complete unit for anyone.

                                                                   Extreme 4X4 Wheelchair: No ordinary power chair. Drives on sand, soft, wet or uneven terrain

                                                                   EZGO By Textron: When it comes to trail utility vehicles, the WorkHorse ST is a whole different animal. With load capacities from 650 to 800 pounds, they're born to handle big jobs. And the

                                                                    WorkHorse ST fits in the back of a full-size pickup truck.

                                                                   Hunt Master Tree Stand: A product conceived by a hunter and lover of the outdoors for others who share this passion and want the finest and most versatile means of enjoying this time spent

                                                                    with nature.

                                                                   John Deere: Gator The Gator® Utility Vehicles are for customers who need to haul heavy cargo over various terrain's and conditions.

                                                                   Lone Star Field Products:  Versatile Rest System for wheelchair users

                                                                   Making Of A Mouth TabBy Bard Prentis for PCBA

                                                                    Off-set Sites: Contact Jason Hamilton (  or via telephone at 717-203-6924 ) for visually impaired sites. Make your own sight. 

                                                                    Permobil Corp: Wheelchair for outside activities

                                                                    Pullin Archery Bow Tensioning: Holds bow string fully drawn and ready to release.

                                                                    Renegade Wheelchairs: Renegade all-terrain wheelchairs are a totally new concept in manual wheelchairs designed for mobility of the outdoor enthusiast without hand to wheel. These chairs

                                                                     are designed to go where no other manual chair can, hands down the ultimate all-terrain chair.

                                                                    Shooting Pal: A shooting rest for cameras, archery, and firearms.

                                                                    SR-77 Shooting Rig: Finally a sport where the quad can be competitive. With the SR-77 Shooting Rest and a little practice, you can shoot a three shot pattern as well as anyone.

                                                                    Steady Ready Shooting Rest: Adjustable arm support makes it easier to hold bow at full draw

                                                                    Sure Grip Sports Glove: Sure grip sports glove allows you to grip onto items to perform normal task, such as home & garden repairs, sports such as golf and bow hunting. The Sure Grip Glove

                                                                     helps the hands & fingers perform similar to normal hands & fingers. The Sure Grip Sports Glove can be used in any sport.

                                                                    Sure Shot Archery: 2 different locking devices for bows: Full Lock Release system 1 and Full Lock Release and Scope System II

                                                                    Timberlift: Timberlift now available to physically challenged hunters It’s nice when a product surfaces that really gets challenged hunter’s fired up. If you have been waiting for someone to

                                                                     come up with a powered tree climbing stand that can be  used by people without legs or upper body strength, it’s finally here.

                                                                    Trigger Activator: Simple crank when mounted inside trigger guard lets you fire by pulling a handle.

                                                                    TracAbout: The IRV 2000 uses patented technology that allows an individual the freedom to access places they are unable to go with their wheelchair, motorized scooter, and power chair or

                                                                     under their own power.

                                                                    Tank Chair: Outside wheelchair

                                                                    Lock-a-Draw Draw lock: Having Difficulty Drawing Your Compound Bow? The Lock-a-Draw Draw lock Is the Solution.

                                                                    Ultra-lift Tree Stands: A self-elevating aerial hunting platform that requires no trees.  The sturdy construction provides excellent stability and long life.  The simple low maintenance design

                                                                     allows the unit to be used season after season after season with minimal care.  The towering 18' height, rated capacity of 500 pounds, and room for two on the 63" x 48" platform make the

                                                                     Auto Lift Tree Stand great for hunting by yourself or with someone.

                                                                    Ventrac: This unique Ventrac is designed to allow you, the operator, to stay in your own wheelchair by easily rolling onto the operating platform*.

                                                                    War Eagle Boats: The ramp extends to provide wheelchair access, then folds to store securely against the boat. All Aboard accessory ramps are tested under power to make sure they give a

                                                                     water-tight seal and that stores properly.

                                                                    Wildlife Optics: The "Trophy Shot" mounts to your existing scope, & allows you to film from first party perspective right through the crosshairs.

                                                                    Yamaha Rhino 660The Yamaha Rhino 660 and Rhino 450 Automatic Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicles may be categorized as “utility vehicles” but just get behind the wheel or buckle into the

                                                                     passenger seat to see it’s much more than a simple workhorse.