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Minnesota River Valley Waterfowling

Coordinators: Steve Scheunemann -Mark Holden - Nate Sjolin - Jim Vorderbruggen -Greg Hance     

This is a duck and goose hunt from blinds in the Minnesota River Valley in Eden Prairie. Capable Partners runs this hunt for the US Fish and Wildlife

and is open to all disabled without having to be a member of Capable Partners. It is very accessible, after parking only a short gravel path to the blinds.

This hunt is open to both disabled and the able bodied. We have able bodied helpers to put out decoys and to retrieve the birds.

One of the above coordinators required for this hunt. As with most hunting this spot can be hit or miss but as the

pictures show it can be fantastic at times.


Marsh Lake Duck Shoot

 Coordinators: Andy Aikins - Steve Scheunemann

This is set up as a pass shooting opportunity for mallard ducks and is as close to the real thing as you can get. This hunt is open to both disabled and the able bodied.

Bring your own steel shot. After the hunt a lunch is provided. You will also go home with cleaned and frozen birds. $10 fee covers everything.



Carlos Avery Waterfowling

Coordinator: Evan Newton